Why you should choose West LA SEO as your affordable Los Angeles SEO company

The number one reason you should choose us as your Los Angeles SEO company is results followed very closely by price. With no tangible increase in your business, you have basically wasted your money with so many self proclaimed experts. Over the last couple of years most of my clients have been bombarded with sales calls to cell phones by unscrupulous individuals selling SEO services with “guaranteed” results at unreasonably low cost. All of my clients received absolutely no results from their work and many received negative results. 100% of my clients who tried these other too good to be true companies returned to us. I’m not the “I told you so type”, so I warmly welcomed them back. Many of my clients were grateful and even increased the amount of services that we offer. We at West LA SEO are not a hit-and-run company, and remain a high-performance results orientated Los Angeles SEO company.

We know of no other onshore SEO company that can deliver the results that we can at such an affordable price.

In the SEO world a little knowledge can truly be a dangerous thing. I have found myself many times having to un-do what many well-intentioned business owners have tried to do on their own. On their behalf, some do-it-your-selfers have had limited success but none of them have really tapped the true potential of Internet marketing.

We have also had clients that immediately upon achieving their targeted results, immediately inform us that our services are no longer required. I respect their decision even if I strongly disagree with it. I’ve seen their search engine results fall dramatically over a period of time and many of them only start our services again when they have been hit pretty hard in the wallet. Ideally once a client achieves their targeted goals they really should roll over to a very affordable monthly maintenance plan.

Google, Face Book, youtube, adwords, and many other online services are turning out very significant changes faster than ever before. Not keeping current with these significant changes can drastically affect your company’s search engine results.  My intentions of this little dissertation is not to prey upon the business fears of companies in this highly competitive tough economy, but to rather help you avoid some of the major puddles and pot holes that many companies are affected by. Once again We here at West Los Angeles SEO are sincere in wanting to help your business obtain your desired success.

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