Website Design by West LA SEO

West LA  SEO  have our own in-house design team and now partner with over 40  top independent  website designers who have state of the art skills who create aesthetically beautiful sites that convert well. We like to combine two factors in helping you choose a designer for your website.
First we like to have you take a look at existing websites in your field ( basically your top competitors sites) that are converting well. “By converting well” we mean that a higher proportion of visitors who visit your website are engaged longer on your site and visit more pages on your site. This of course translates into a higher percentage of visitors contacting you and your business. The natural outcome is more sales and/ or clients  depending on the nature of your business.
Secondly, we like to pick out four to five Web designers who we feel are the best designers for your site. We have you take a look at sites that these specific designers have designed. Then of course the final decision is yours.
Having West LA SEO take care of your website needs gives you some important advantages. Since we are an SEO  company, you will be getting the best of both worlds. We make sure that your site, your site’s content, and the back-end of your site are done in the absolutely best possible manner, to ensure that your site will rate the highest in search engine results.  With out getting too technical, the back end of your site refers to the necessary coding that isn’t visible on your site. This unseen coding has a 40-50% bearing on how your site rates in your search engine results. In fact, if this coding is not done correctly, your site will never be visible in the search engine results. This coding has specific instructions including keywords, for the search engines “bots” to crawl your site and index all of your site’s pages. Many people,  not knowing this, have a low cost site designed for $2-$300 that doesn’t have the back end of the site done correctly, and in many instances not done at all.
Another big advantage of having West LA  SEO design your site, is that changes and additions to your website can be done quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively. We absolutely protect all of your account and hosting information. I can’t tell you how many times we have had clients who can no longer access their website accounts. The primary cause of this is what we call “hit and run designers”  They sell you on an inexpensive site that they can build in one to two days at a low price. Once the site is up and running and they get paid, you will most likely never hear from them again. The back-end of the website is never done, and the website will for all practical purposes “just float in space.”
If you no longer have your website account and hosting account information, West LA SEO can obtain the information for you. This can usually be done in under a week if you have the necessary documentation. We will need to have this information to make any changes to your existing website, or to replace your website with a much better one.
We highly recommend adding new content to your site about once a month. The search engines really respond well to this, and adding new content on a regular basis really does help your website climb in the rankings and maintain its position.
At West LA SEO, we pride ourselves in going the extra mile for our clients, and in getting our clients the best possible website, and the best possible search engine results for that website.
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