Off shore link building really is the holy grail of SEO.  Link-building is by far the most time-consuming, tedious, and labor intensive part of SEO. Link building is where most companies fall short, and where the companies who build legit, organic, and relevant links prevail.

We use independent, highly experienced and professional SEO link builders and we are getting truly amazing results. This has by far way become the most cost effective part of a balanced SEO campaign. West LA SEO pays the independent contractors directly so there is no risk to your account info. Every campaign comes with state of the art spreadsheets that verify the legitimacy of the link and the page ranking. All links are verifiable and have a very high page ranking of 3-7.

Link building has to be done in a very specific, and highly specialized way. If done incorrectly, Google and the other search engines will penalize the site. I have seen many sites fall from the rankings as Google updates their algorithm and/or rolls out new Penguin and Panda updates.

We follow the following Guidelines for Link Building-

*All Links from different domains

* No spam used to solicit links

* No links from Link Farms

* No links from FFA websites.

* No links from porn, racially prejudiced sites and other  “questionable” sites

* No links to the client site through redirect scripts, cgi, etc.

* No JavaScript links

* No framed sites

* No robots.txt exclusions

* No Robots tag exclusions

* No follow tag exclusions

* No paid links

* Links from pages that are already indexed.

We have very highly competitive packages, starting at $200. This will probably be the best $200 you’ve ever spent on your business. Below is a screenshot of one of our client’s spreadsheets of the links.

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