How To Choose The Best SEO Company  For Your Business

As a small business owner, I’m sure you are aware of the many choices you have regarding choosing the best SEO company for your business. Here are some suggestions from West Los Angeles SEO to assist you in choosing the best company for your business.

1) Make sure the company you are considering has already done for themselves what you would like them  to do for your company. For example..do a Google search for West LA SEO, West Los Angeles SEO, LA SEO. And Los Angeles SEO. You can see that West LA SEO  owns our own backyard as we say in the West Los Angeles searches. In the Los Angeles searches you can see we consistently rank always in the top 10 and many times in the top or near the top of the search results. These searches really give our company credibility as our competition all claim to be the best but we are consistently ranking 1-10 in a market of much larger and more expensive competition.

Many companies claim false credentials and attempt to take credit for search engine results that they have actually had nothing to do with. I know of no way that they can falsify results for their own company.

2)Look for an SEO company that has gotten results for a company of your size. Size is more important than your particular business niche. For example… we at West LA SEO specializes in small businesses that have a relatively small budget for SEO 150-1200. A month. We are most likely a poor fit for an international company with a budget of $80,000 a month. Sure we would like the opportunity but it is highly improbable that we could obtain such a large account.

3) Look for companies that are willing to make performance deals. You can pay as you move up the search results for your chosen keywords, you can pay for increments of increased traffic to your site, or in some cases companies that would be willing to work for a percentage of the profits. The last scenario would only be acceptable to us at West LA SEO , to work with the company that is already established and doing reasonably well.

4)Look for companies that are not pushing too hard for long-term contracts. A reasonable contract fairly representing both your business and the SEO company would be for two to three months with clearly specified goals.

5)Don’t necessarily go with the company that is the lowest price. If the deal sounds too good, it probably is.

6)Look for a company that is in it for the long term and really takes pride in long-term business relationships.

7)I notice quite a few companies, especially on craigslist are trying to get recent college grads at a low super discount price. This can really backfire and often does. A few wrong moves and an inexperienced person can really do your business more harm than good.

In conclusion, we at West LA SEO are here to help your business grow and succeed. We would like an opportunity to do for your business what we are doing for ourselves. To our mutual business success.

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