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We currently have over 25 client youtube videos ranking 1st page on Google for top keywords, many in the number 1 position. Please give us a call so we can demostate this for you. Below are some url results.

www.accu-cut.com                       carpet cutting machines                              1

                                                carpet cutting machine                                1

www.astepintherightdirection        women’s luxury sober living                         1                         

www.womens-sober-living.com     womens-sober-living                                   2

                                                women’s sober living homes                         1-3

                                                sober living houses                                     2-4

www.prodriveinsurance.com          West Covina Auto Insurance                         1 & 2

www.best-way-roofing.com           Los Angeles roofing contractors                    1

                                                LA roofing contractors                                 1

                                                LA roofing companies                                  1

www.clockmaster123.com             Burbank clock repair                                    2

www.westlaseo.com                     West LA SEO                                              1

                                                West Los Angeles SEO                                 1                                                  Los Angeles SEO companies                         1                                                  Los Angeles SEO services                             1-3

www.drramer.com                        Santa Monica chiropractor                            1                                                  Santa Monica chiropractors                           1