Advantages of Having a Business Youtube Video

1)  The video  can be linked back directly to your website.

2)  The  video can be embedded directly in your website thus contributing directly to your conversion rate

3)  If done correctly by experienced SEO pros, the youtube  channel/ video can stand alone and generate      business. We at West Los Angeles SEO have gotten videos to rank first page on Google searches for      significant keywords in less than 24 hours. Google constantly crawls and indexes toutube(it’s one of      their products) and youtube videos are the quickest and easiest way to get a first page listing by far.      Our current record is a first page google listing for a video in 3 hours.


4)  Google owns Youtube and a business youtube video, once again if done correctly with SEO results in      mind, can supercharge your website with what we call SEO juice  with the end result being a great      boost in especially Google search engine results. Youtube videos also rank extremely high in other      search engine results such as Yahoo, Bing and many others.

5)  There is a direct methodology to to this process and really should be  done by an experienced pro.  The      set up of a youtube  channel should be done by a pro if you plan to use the video as an effective      marketing tool.  A simple mistake or two can greatly reduce the effectiveness of this video. We at West      Los Angeles SEO know of no other current process that will give your business the  advantage and      results of a professionally done  youtube video(s) and  youtube channel(s).

6)  Google (youtube)  bots actually transcribe the video’s audio when they crawl (visit) the sight. When the      youtube video is linked (embedded) in the website all the audio content contributes to the website’s      overall ranking by directly adding valuble content.

    Depending on what you want we can give you a video and Youtube  channel from 150. – 300. Currently      at West LA SEO we have a special of 4 simple MP4 interview videos and a optimized youtube channel for      $250.  We have great video editing software and can give you anything from a simple MP4 to full 1080p      high-definition video with great transitions, titles and sub-titles.

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