Social Networking has risen significantly during the last three years. For most businesses, no amount of social networking will ever replace high-ranking of their website(s) in search engine results and/or well run  pay per click campaigns. But some businesses, for example restaurants, nightclubs, personal trainers, and weight loss industries can definitely benefit from social networking.

Many “social network experts” have really over-hyped the  results of paying to have a strong social network presence. Many businesses have  been disappointed by the results. There is also definitely a line between promoting one’s business through social networking and spamming.   Over posting and spamming can definitely backfire and render business social networking ineffective.

We at West Los Angeles SEO strongly recommend that all businesses have a basic social networking campaign up and running. The basics being a Google + presence, a Facebook page, and a Linkedin page. These three social networks have a high page ranking and can be directly linked both  to and from your website. In fact, we at West Los Angeles SEO have gotten clients from both Linkedin and Google plus.

Just as important as generating direct business interest is that these three networks carry with them a tremendous amount of SEO “juice” (SEO weight and significance). In order to take advantage of this SEO “juice” Google and most of the other search engines need to see activity on these sites. Usually a weekly update is enough to gain and maintain that SEO boost. We at West Los Angeles SEO are experts at setting up accounts and just as importantly, maintaining these accounts. There is a definite methodology to setting up these accounts for maximum benefits to our clients. Social network “buttons” (links) should definitely be installed on the website and customers/ clients be encouraged to use them and post.

Yelp is a unique case. We rarely recommend that a client pay for yelp advertising as is quite expensive and we believe this money can be used more effectively in other marketing avenues. Yelp rates really high in the search engine results and converts extremely well for business. We at West Los Angeles SEO are experts at setting up yelp accounts and seeding them with a few great reviews. This is a fairly delicate operation and really should be done by seasoned experts.

I know we have only touched briefly on the ins and outs of using social networking to increase business, and a truly effective program of social networking has to be done on an individual business basis. Please give us a call and ask us for a free business analysis including  social networking campaigns.

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